How to Become a Software Engineer After 12th?

Are you planning to become a Software Engineer after the 12th?

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Software Engineering is one of the most demanding fields of the science stream, and most of the high paying packages are only available for software engineers. Students want to pursue software engineering after the 12th, but they don’t know how to start and where to start. If you’re also confused with these questions, this article is for you.

In this article, we’ve discussed complete details of becoming a software engineer after the 12th. 

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What are the Qualifications to become a software engineer?

Software Engineering is all about understanding the customer’s requirements and then designing, building and testing software applications to match customers’ requirements. In India, software engineering is the most in-demand career choice for 18% aspirants. If you want to become a software engineer, then there are some qualifications required for your career:

1. Pursue Computer Science Related Degree

This is one of the most traditional but necessary qualifications to become a software engineer. You need to pursue any computer science-related bachelor’s degree to qualify as a software engineer. While pursuing a degree, you’ll learn about data science, algorithms, web technology, computer networks, mathematics, database systems, programming languages and many technical subjects that will help you become a software engineer. 

But you need to understand that theory can’t make you a software engineer, and you need to work in real-life and do programming with practical projects to become a software engineer. To earn a bachelor’s degree, you require theory knowledge, but to become a software engineer, your knowledge of programming is needed with hands-on experience.

2. Learn Programming Languages

Becoming a software engineer, it’s a must-have requirement. As a software engineer, you need to learn programming languages and become an expert in coding. Because your main job is to do coding and build softwares, it’s essential to learn programming languages and most companies prefer candidates who become experts in programming languages. 

There are some in-demand programming languages that you need to learn:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Java

You can pick any Programming Language and become an expert coder. You can unlock many opportunities once you’ve learnt programming languages.

3. Read Expert written codes

To become the best software engineer, you need to learn from experts and analyze how experts wrote their codes and what are the algorithms and combinations they’re using to build softwares. It helps you to think like an expert coder and enhance your skills.

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4. Enhance your Skills

You should always keep in mind that your education is not limited to your degree. You need to learn beyond your degree and gain real-life learning to implement your coding knowledge to test and solve errors. You need to become an expert in programming and well informed about some Popular tools and technologies in your industry. You can browse Stackoverflow sites to know more about learning programming and implement your learning to solve any code error.

5. Build Projects

When you Applied for a job, recruiters didn’t see your theoretical or coding knowledge. Instead, they’ll judge you based on how many projects you’ve done in your degree. So make sure you’ll do projects more than the theory part. You need to become an expert in the programming language and build many projects to display in your portfolio for better consideration. 

6. Master Pre-Interview Skills

It’s time to start preparing for an interview because this interview decides whether you become a software engineer or not. You need to enhance your personality and knowledge to impress HR (Hiring Manager) by showing your skills and abilities.

7. Start looking for Job Opportunities

Once you’ve completed all the given requirements to become a software engineer, it’s time to get a job. You need to create a strong resume, profile on different job portals, and do interviews. 

List of software engineering courses after 12th and their eligibility

If you want to pursue software engineering after the 12th, then these are some courses to become a software engineer:

  • B.Tech in Computer Science
  • B.Tech in Information Technology
  • B.Tech in Software Engineering
  • BCA
  • Diploma in Information Technology

Let’s discuss this in detail!

1. B.Tech in Computer Science

B.Tech in Computer Science is a four-year undergraduate degree in India. In this course, you’ll learn about hardware and software like software development, software engineering, computer networking topics etc. To explore more about software engineering and Technologies this field is best for you.

Eligibility: Make sure students are passed class 12th with Physics and mathematics as the core subjects. To get into a high-level engineering college, you need to pass engineering examinations, but these eligibility criteria are required for applying for the exam.

2. B.Tech in Information Technology

Computer science and information technology have quite a difference, i.e., curriculum. While computer science focuses on learning about programming languages, including hardware and software, information technology focuses on applications of those programs. 

Eligibility: Students must be passed out of the 12th class to attend various examinations.

3. B.Tech in Software Engineering

It’s a four-year engineering degree that mainly focuses on computer science and training students to develop, integrate and modify computer softwares. 

In simple words, software engineering is a branch of computer science that specifically focuses on software development. 

Eligibility: Students need to pass 12th from a recognised institute with a minimum percentage above 75% (necessary).

4. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

BCA is a three-year undergraduate degree focusing on software development, computer applications, programming and networking. 

Eligibility: You can get admission to top universities in two ways:

  • Merit-based 
  • Entrance exam based

5. Diploma in Information Technology

It’s one of the best short-term degrees in software engineering. It’s a one year course, and students learn about technology to excel in this field.

Eligibility: Students must be 12th passed out. 

Is JEE compulsory for software engineering?

No, JEE is not compulsory because many institutions have their entrance examination to get admission and some government institutes consider it for admission. So it depends on the institute/ college you want to join.

JEE is a national level exam that helps students get admission to their dream institutions like IITs and NITs. 

There are many best private institutions where you can get admission without the JEE exam and still get high-level education and facilities. 

So, if you want to get admission to government institutions like IITs and NITs, then JEE is compulsory, but for private institutions, you can get admission without the JEE exam.

Which Exam is best for Software Engineering?

To get admission to the most prestigious institutions for software engineering, you need to crack the national level exam, i.e., JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. These two exams are mandatory to get admission to Top government institutions like IITs and NITs. Many private institutions conduct their exams to get admission, depending on the institute you’re looking for. If you want to get admission to IITs or NITs, JEE Main and JEE Advanced are necessary to crack.

Other popular entrance exams you can consider to get admission for B.Tech Software Engineering are JEE Main & JEE Advanced, WBJEE, KLUEEE, SRMJEE and CUCET.

Final Words

We hope this guide helps you know everything about software engineering and how you can become a software engineer after the 12th. There are so many exams available to prepare and crack to get admission, and it’s completely your choice which institution you want to join for software engineering.

To decide which exam is the best fit for your career, we’ve covered in-depth details about exams, courses, and getting admission to an institution. Follow the details, make a plan and start your journey after 12th to become a successful software engineer.

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