The Methodology Of “10Pie’s Course Rating” Grading System

The “10Pie Course Rating” is an objective grading system designed to assess and rank courses based on multiple essential metrics. This comprehensive approach enables learners to make informed decisions when choosing courses that best suit their requirements.

We agree that this grading system isn’t perfect. However, we prefer to go with a data-driven approach rather than just a subjective list.

The scoring system considers the following key metrics:

  1. Placement Assistance: 20% (Weight: 0.20)
  2. Price: 15% (Weight: 0.15)
  3. Brand Rating: 20% (Weight: 0.20)
  4. Number of Reviews: 15% (Weight: 0.15)
  5. Depth of the Curriculum: 15% (Weight: 0.15)
  6. 10Pie Assessment Score: 15% (Weight: 0.15)

Placement Assistance [Weight: 20%]:

Placement assistance is a critical factor for students seeking career opportunities after completing a course. Courses offering placement assistance receive a score of 1, while those without such support receive a score of 0.

Price [Weight: 15%]:

The pricing of a course significantly impacts its accessibility and affordability. Lower-priced courses receive higher scores, promoting cost-effectiveness for learners.

Brand Rating [Weight: 20%]:

The brand rating indicates the reputation and quality of a course. Courses offered by reputable institutions or platforms receive higher scores in this category.

Number of Reviews [Weight: 15%]:

The number of reviews a course accumulates reflects its popularity and engagement with learners. Courses with more reviews receive higher scores in this metric.

Depth of the Curriculum [Weight: 15%]:

The depth of the curriculum assesses the comprehensiveness and richness of course content. Courses with in-depth curricula, covering a wide range of relevant topics, receive higher scores.

10Pie Assessment Score [Weight: 15%]:

Apart from quantitative metrics, we also look into the other key elements such as learning mode, learning experience for students, overall website trustworthiness, and trainers’ expertise to grade each score based on 1 to 5.

Scoring Calculation:

Here’s a sample 10Pie Course Rating calculation based on the above metrics:

10pie course rating sample
  • Each metric is assigned a weight based on its relative importance in the overall evaluation process.
  • The Placement Assistance metric is binary, with a score of 1 if provided and 0 if not.
  • For the Price metric, the value is inverted to ensure lower prices contribute positively to the overall score.
  • The ‘Depth of the Curriculum’ and ‘10Pie assessment score’ metric is scaled to a range between 0 and 5 to maintain consistency with other metrics.
  • Normalization is applied to Price, Brand Rating, and Number of Reviews, bringing all metrics to a comparable scale.
  • The overall score for each course is calculated as the weighted sum of all metrics.


  • Courses are ranked in descending order based on their overall scores.
  • The course with the highest overall score is ranked first, with subsequent ranks assigned accordingly.

This “10Pie’s Course Rating” grading system empowers learners to select courses wisely by considering various crucial factors.

It ensures an unbiased evaluation, helping learners embark on a successful educational journey aligned with their aspirations and objectives.

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