15 Top Data Annotation Companies of 2022

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There have been suggestions that data annotation and labeling are increasing in India and have the potential to have significant ramifications. A Grand View Research report estimates that the worldwide market for data annotation tools will reach $7 billion by 2027.

In this article, we’ll list down the top data annotation companies based on customer reviews and unbiased research.

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What Is Data Annotation?

Data annotation is a process or technique by which various data is labeled in order to make it recognizable by the AI. In simple terms, Data Annotation can be defined as the “task” by which data, not just in the text format but also in image and video formats is labeled to make it identifiable for the machine.

Top Data Labeling or Annotation Companies

Here, you’ll find the list of top data annotation/ labelling companies all over the world.

1. Matellio

Location: San Jose, USA

No. of employees: 250+

Founded in: 2014

Data is at the core of all well-designed artificial intelligence models. But as data banks balloon and become increasingly more diverse, an AI’s job becomes exponentially more complicated. In such cases, even AIs need a helping hand to keep delivering high-quality results. This is where Matellio’s Data Annotation services come in.  

Matellio provides top-notch data Annotation services like lines and splines, bounding boxes, landmark and key-point, entity annotation, content and text categorization, semantic segmentation, 3D cuboids, image and video annotations, and many more for diverse business requirements. With the power of Matellio’s Data Annotation services, AIs can provide better data analytics, perform better and quicker trend detection, and even make better-informed suggestions and decisions.  

2. iMerit

Location: San Jose, USA

No. of employees: 2000 – 3000

Founded in: 2012

To meet the specific demands of the customers, iMerit provides various data annotation services such as image annotation, video annotation, text annotation, and audio transcription. They also have experience in serving data labelling services to industries like healthcare, finance, legal, and more.

iMerit currently have 5,500 data experts working with them with a accuracy level of 95%.

3. Up2Datez Business Solutions

Location: India

No. of employees: 51 – 200

Founded in: 2017

Description: Semi- and full-pixel segmentation were both successfully implemented in Up2datez. A wide range of things, from traffic cones to mailboxes, may be categorised. They are capable of annotating almost any picture. Both 2D and 3D Bounding Box Processes in Day and Night Vision will be supported by Up2datez.

Both methods are of the highest quality, which the company provides. Annotation of landmarks using this method. They captured 25k high-quality photos, as well as LiDAR segmentation and a bounding box, in both video and stills.

4. Accenture

Location: Dublin, Ireland

No. of employees: 500000 – 700000

Founded in: 1989

Description: To become data-driven, you must first identify what is most important to the company, both now and in the future, and then develop a data and AI strategy, processes, and data culture that allow the company as a whole to realize value more quickly. Making your firm data-driven begins with determining what matters most to your company, both in the short and long term, and then developing a plan for collecting and using data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Access, exploration, and application of insights may be tailored to meet the requirements of each user within the organization.

5. Deloitte Consulting

Location: London

No. of employees: 300000 – 400000

Founded in: 1845

Description: Deloitte can help you harness the power and agility of artificial intelligence to achieve new levels of operational success. The first step in developing new business models and improving results in important areas of your operations is to define an AI strategy, and they can assist you in every stage of the process.

As a result of their asset & IP factory, Managed analytics & AI services (including cloud-based Robotic Process Automation Software as a Service and Insights as a Service), and cognitive technology in action, they work with you to develop AI-driven products that put your business at the cutting edge of the industry.

6. IBM Garage

Location: India

No. of employees: 20000 – 30000

Founded in: 2015

Description: With a deep understanding of current and new technologies, IBM Garage professionals help you install and manage your applications and services where they make the most sense. You can speed up the transition of your IT infrastructure and apps to the cloud using their unique tools and assets. Work with them to add intelligent insights, automation, and integration into your Cloud Service Provider ecosystems.

7. Basic AI

Location: USA

No. of employees: 2000 – 3000

Founded in: 1956

Description: Numerous annotating tools, AI-assisted tooling, editable templates, and quality assurance features are all built into their process and platform to ensure the highest quality of data that is tagged using these tools. They take care of everything from project description, template generation, and workflow management to quality control, auditing, and output formatting.

This company’s normal working conditions consist of a private network with secure connection, ISO 27001 accreditation for information security, and central monitoring of production facilities.

8. Cogito Tech

Location: India

No. of employees: 700 – 800

Founded in: 2011

Description: Cogito can help you to get rid of these types of problems through their services that are mentioned below. Identity falsification has been a major problem over the years, documents can be easily altered. The Cogito annotation team is capable of exploring the audio features and annotating the corpus with intelligent audio information.

9. Zuru

Location: India

No. of employees: 51 – 200

Founded in: 2019

Description: Use cases ranging from laser scanning to geospatial images may benefit from Computer vision 2D/3D bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, landmarks, and semantic segmentation solutions. They have a team of computer vision experts who work on difficult algorithms with complex edge cases and taxonomies.

In 48+ languages, subject matter experts handle data for NER, document processing, sentiment analysis and more. Sentiment and pitch are only few of the topics covered by NLP annotations for voice AI.

10. Wisepl

Location: India

No. of employees:  11 – 50

Founded in: 2020

Description: Using Wisepl, you’ll have access to a team of Data Annotation experts that are professionally managed and well-trained. They use the most up-to-date technologies and techniques to annotate any form of footage in order to enable the computer vision model operate at its best. With their highly skilled personnel, they can classify the subject and detect the emotional state of individuals in a little audio clip. Making use of a wide range of annotation methods.

The company assists supply chain and logistics companies detect bar codes and QR codes for improved tracking of goods and couriers.

11. Sirius

Location: USA

No. of employees:  2000 – 3000

Founded in: 1980

Description: When it comes to the future of business, a data-centric approach will be key. It’s not enough to just have a data-centric company. The data must be used to produce real company value, such as enhanced productivity or better consumer interaction, by identifying patterns and trends. This company’s Data and Analytics team delivers industry-leading consulting services that make use of proven technologies to modernize data and analytics ecosystems in order to satisfy current and future business needs.

12. Oclavi

Location: India

No. of employees: 200 – 500

Founded in: 2017

Description: These services include medical image tagging, video tagging, and picture tagging. Classifying items for machine learning and AI models has never been more accessible or collaborative. Their Image Annotation Solution allows you to annotate Bounding Box, Polygon, Circle, Point, and Cuboidal annotations, annotation service also with accuracy and the best possible quality. Computer vision models may be built using their “Image labeling method” with the best possible outcomes.

13. Qualitas Global

Location: India

No. of employees: 800 – 1000

Founded in: 2014

Description: Data Annotation, Traffic Monitoring, Security & Surveillance & Video Analytics for Machine Learning are just a few of Qualitas Global’s many specialties, which include supplying reliable data for services like Image Annotation, Tracking, Facial Recognition, Captioning, and Image Annotation. Diverse businesses rely on Qualitas Global for top Annotation & Logo Recognition services. Your company may use their tagging services to mark and tag photographs for simple classification.

14. Sheyon Technologies

Location:  India

No. of employees: 50 to 100

Founded in: 2017

Description: Qualitas Global is trusted by a wide range of organizations for their superior Annotation & Logo Recognition services. The company’s tagging services may be used by your firm to mark and tag images in order to make easy classifications. Every image undergoes a careful editing process to ensure that every pixel is immaculate.

15. DesiCrew

Location: India

No. of employees: 200 – 300

Founded in: 2007

Description: The exceptional Annotation & Logo Recognition services provided by Qualitas Global have earned the company the confidence of a diverse spectrum of clients. It is possible for your company to make use of the company’s tagging services in order to label and tag photographs in order to establish simple classifications. Every photograph is subjected to a meticulous editing procedure to guarantee that every pixel is flawless.

16. Acclivis Technologies

Location: Singapore

No. of employees: 51 – 200

Founded in: 2009

Description: Since deep learning and AI-based algorithms need a large amount of data, Acclivis is significantly engaged in their development. Acclivis has created an in-house annotation tool that can do a wide range of picture annotations across a variety of industries, including automotive, industrial automation, sports analytics, and security & monitoring. For dataset creation, the same program may be adapted and used by different customers. They provide vehicle annotation, object annotation, and gesture annotation.

Future of Data Annotation

For the next five years, the market for data annotation is predicted to increase by 25.6 percent. Due to this adoption, there has been a growth in demand for AI-based services. Many industries, including healthcare, vehicles, telecommunications, and e-commerce, have found it helpful to gather and categorize data from various sources depending on the context, need, kind, and feature.

So, many firms are now taking action to generate content assets and improve customer experience. It has also provided a wealth of prospects for advancement.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in this area. However, many data organizations still use human workers. Data quality, data security, and scalability have always resulted from any labeling service, whether AI or human-driven.

Businesses are being reshaped by data annotation in previously inconceivable ways. It is impossible to deny that cognitive automation, powered by data annotation, is the future of organizations.

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