How Long Does it Take to Learn Angular?

When it comes to learning Angular, then it takes 2-3 months of consistent effort & practice. Angular is a popular web framework that keeps evolving regularly and is adapted by small to enterprise-level companies to build their strong front-end and back-end support. If you’re planning to become an Angular developer, there’s a huge scope for your career.

This guide gives you a complete idea about Angular, its career opportunities, and how long it takes to learn it.

Let’s get started.

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What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source, Javascript framework created by Google. This framework is mainly used to develop single-page applications (or SPAs). Angular JavaScript is written in TypeScript and has a set of typescript libraries used in web application development.

With the Javascript framework, developers can build native, web, or mobile applications for different platforms. Angular makes the codes short and self-explanatory for fast application development. 

Why and where is Angular Used in Software Engineering?

Angular is an open-source Javascript framework written in TypeScript and uses typescript libraries while developing the application. These libraries help developers to eliminate or reduce the line of code and build the application lighter and faster.

There are many other advanced features of Angular, including templating, two-way binding, modularization, API handling, and AJAX handling. That’s why developers prefer to use angular programming languages rather than any other language. 

Angular is mostly used for dynamic web applications, business-level web apps & single-page applications development because of its efficiency, flexibility, and libraries. Also, it helps developers to save time & cost, and effort on application development. 

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How Long Does it Take to Learn Angular?

For someone who is a complete beginner or starting from scratch, it should take around 2-3 months to learn the basics of Angular with full concentration and dedication. There is much more to learn in Angular, and many frameworks and javascript libraries are required for better understanding.

Some major concepts of Angular Javascript are Component, Directive, Data bindings, Routing, Dependency injection, Module, Bootstrapping, animations, etc. But if you want to reach an advanced level, then it will probably take a year to master Angular. 

Some key factors that affect how long it takes to learn Angular:

  • If you have a basic knowledge of Angular, then it takes less time to learn Angular
  • It depends on the number of hours you’re spending days on learning & practice.
  • Also, based on the ability to learn & understand the concepts.
  • It depends on your chosen platform to learn Angular via an online course, institute, or Bootcamp training.

And many other factors that determine how long it takes to learn Angular. So you need to identify where you’re at the learning stage, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, and then start learning accordingly.

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Are Angular developers in demand?

With the recent growth of technology, Angular developers are also in-demand as front-end developers. Almost every small to giant company understands the potential of Angular and is looking for Angular developers to build their strength, user-friendly, and lightweight web application.

Here are some stats that clearly shows the demand & scope of Angular developers:

  • According to LinkedIn, there are 100,000+ jobs available for Angular developers worldwide in different companies and locations.

These stats are clearly showing the upcoming demand for Angular developers and opportunities. 

How to Learn Angular from Scratch?

Follow the step-by-step process to learn Angular from scratch:

Step 1. Firstly, select the preferred platform for gaining knowledge

In today’s education Era, there are millions of sources to get knowledge about Angular in different forms like courses, blogs, and online or offline training. So you need to find out the specific source where you’ll gain knowledge about Angular by enrolling in a course or getting into certification.

Step 2. Learn about the basics of Frameworks

Before jumping into Angular, it’s important to have basic knowledge about frameworks because it’s the foundation of Angular developers. 

Step 3. Start learning Angular

Once you’ve cleared all the basics of frameworks, start learning about Angular. Start with basics and slowly increase the efforts to achieve mastery. 

Later of this article, you will find best resources to start learning Angular.

Step 4. Work on Projects

Once you’ve learned enough about Angular, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice by creating projects around it and sharpening your skills to get hands-on experience. 

By following the step-by-step process and practicing Angular, you can unlock the opportunities as an Angular developer. 

Top Angular Skills you need to Learn

As an Angular developer, when you’re looking for a job, certain skills will be required for eligibility.

So it’s important to master these skills to become an angular developer and unlock new opportunities for your career:

1. Node Package Manager (NPM)

NPM is one of the essential skills for an angular developer because it is required in web application development and for installing angular. NPM is completely written in JavaScript and it’s used while developers are building web applications by using Node.js. NPM plays an important role to install & interact with packages for Node.js/javascript projects.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is more important for front-end development. So it’s necessary to learn javascript to become an angular developer. If you’re planning to become a web developer then it’s an essential skill to learn and in-demand for jobs. According to LinkedIn, the current jobs for javascript developers are more than 392,107+ and the demand is increasing rapidly. 

3. TypeScript

TypeScript is used for application development with error-free codes. As an Angular developer, it helps to enhance productivity and eliminate the complex codes to make the application lightweight and faster. TypeScript is counted as one of the major languages of Google after C, C++, Java and Python. Almost every giant company is working on Typescript. So it will be an in-demand skill to learn for career growth.

4. RxJS

RxJS is the library of reactive programming. It’s used for many common tasks, such as HTTP requests for data. So it’s an in-demand skill that needs to be learned. It’s completely worth it to learn RxJS because it makes the process easier and concise lines of code. In web development, it’s one of the Popular libraries today and most of the developers preferred to use RxJS to concise the lines of code. 


There’s always a need for HTML & CSS in web development. Angular makes the process of building websites & applications faster, but the fundamentals will be similar for building interfaces with HTML & CSS.

It’s a backbone of any web development because it helps to build websites with complete customization. HTML & CSS counted as the top most & in-demand programming language in the world. 

6. Angular CLI (Command Line Interface)

It’s the first package that requires NPM. Angular CLI helps to make the application development process easier and faster by automating repetitive tasks easily. For developers, it’s a beneficial tool kit that makes the process of installing Angular packages, adding new components, modules easier and saves lots of time & effort. 

Best Resources to Learn Angular

We’ve handpicked some top-most resources to learn Angularjs from Scratch to advance that help you to become a developer and unlock career opportunities.

Let’s begin!

1. Learn Angular 4 from Scratch

If you’re a beginner and want to learn modern Angular from Scratch, it’s one of the best courses covering most of the concepts, including components, UI animations, Deploy app, data binding, etc. These recorded modules are friendly and easy to understand.

By the end of this course, you’ll have cleared the fundamental concepts of Angular.

Price: Free

2. Angular – The Complete Guide (2022)

It’s a most popular course on Udemy for all who want to learn Angular from Scratch and get expertise. It’s a complete guide that covers every major concept of Angular from Scratch and teaches how to build reactive web apps with Angular.Js.

In this course, you’ll also get many downloadable resources that help to understand concepts more effectively.

Price: ₹3,499

3. Angular Architecture And Best Practices 

It’s a professional Angular architecture course that helps learners to understand the basic concepts of Angular, components, code organizations, and many more. If you’re planning to become an app developer, then Angular will surely be helpful while building Application architecture.

Surely, consider this course for those who are serious about making their career and want to learn a strong skill like Angular.

Price: Free trial available

4. Full Stack Web Development with Angular Specialization

If you’ve some basic knowledge of Angular and want to grow your knowledge as an expert, then you can consider this the best course. You’ll learn about full-stack web development with Angular specialization in this course.

By the end of this course, you’ll get a LinkedIn-certified course completion certificate that will help you in upcoming career opportunities and stand out as an expert.

Price: Free

5. The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced

It’s a top-rated Angular course that provides a complete guide to learning Angular from Scratch to advance most effectively.

In this course, you learn almost everything about Angular, its fundamentals, typescript, directives, real-world angular applications, and many more that are enough to make you an expert in angular and unlock your career opportunities.

Price: ₹3,499

6. Angular Cheatsheet

To become an expert in Angular, there are requirements for Cheatsheet, and this resource will help you to know all the major cheat sheets that make the developer work easier and faster.

The Angular platform officially provides these cheat sheets, so if you’ve fundamentals of Angular and are writing lines of code for web app development, use these cheat sheets.

Price: Free

These are some top-most resources to learn Angular and grow your career.

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