Is Computer Science Oversaturated in 2022?

Computer science is a must-have requirement for every occupation and every sector. The number of computer science graduates is increasing rapidly. But the number of jobs are also increasing as per the demand. Many students have this question – is computer science oversaturated?

In this article we’ve discussed everything about computer science, is it oversaturated and opportunities. Let’s begin!

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What is Computer Science?

Computer science mainly refers to programming algorithms and studying about computers, their uses, interior & exterior designs, and working mechanisms. Today, computer science is necessary for every sector out there for technological and advancement purposes.

The software and hardware systems and experimenting with them to produce viable outputs fetches a lot of money which is the main reason for some people entering this job.

But such demand for these jobs is making this sector overpopulated.

Is the programming industry oversaturated?

It is one of the most recent debate topics where everyone has their views. Recent studies have started proving that the programming industry is becoming oversaturated gradually. Many theories and reasons have been established, some of them accurate while some are just guesswork. 

Let’s first discuss some of the reasons why computer science industry may seems oversaturated:

1. Companies Preferred Experience

At the entry-level, many developers face a problem in getting jobs. Even though the demand for developers is high, many different skills are required, which require efforts that only some people are willing to put in. 80% of developers are happy with their current job and not looking for other opportunities, according to StackOverflow.

These computer developers must fight a huge crowd and look unique to make themselves stand out. Also, at the junior level, they are still trying to get the hang of the concept and are therefore not experts hence lacking the skills to land a job. 

2. Demand for Developer is Huge 

The demand of developers is huge and companies are actively looking for skillful and experienced persons to provide job opportunities. But the problem in this situation is that due to the high demand for technicians, they ask for high salaries, which is difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs to provide out of their limited stock.

3. Lack of skills and experience

At the junior level, the developers are still in the learning phase of their stuff and therefore lack the appropriate skills in many areas and do just basic jobs compared to the experts in the fields. The latter have much more experience and knowledge than them, making it even more problematic to find jobs easily. 

4. No proof of competency

As the developers are beginners in the field of jobs, they do not have any proof to submit in the interviews that can prove their expertise in the areas. This makes it harder for people to prove their value in the field. 

5. Lack of Passion and Dedication

Some people enter this sector only for money-related reasons and are not interested in the main job. 92% of developers are employed at Part-time, according to StackOverflow. They lack the passion and ideas required in the process and therefore give up quickly, especially when the crowd becomes a lot to handle.

Lack of passion is one of the reasons why drop-outs in the field have been observed. Even if they somehow manage to pass the barriers, they produce mediocre work, resulting in unemployment most of the time. 

In simple words, the answer is that the computer science industry is not saturated. The industry has huge opportunities in different areas of computer science as the future of the world is technology.

Is computer science a good career path?

If you’re not sure whether computer science is a good career path, check out what our tech experts are saying:

Julia Hirschberg

1. Diverse Interests Drive Computer Science

Computer science is a very promising career path now, with many students enjoying the major, often with a minor in another topic area. For example, linguistics is a popular minor or part of a double major since there is currently a tremendous interest in speech and natural language processing. 

ChatGPT and other forms of GPT have opened a whole new window for conversational AI, as well as raising much concern about AI and ethics. We definitely need more people in the field to work in these areas, as well as security, vision, robotics, and AI‌.

Julia Hirschberg, Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University
Joe Dix

2. Increased Significance of Business Technology

Technology is only becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business world. With artificial intelligence (AI) still in its infancy, and companies pouring billions of dollars into data centers and their support, computer science has never been more important‌. If you want a good-paying job and long-term security, this is a top-10 field to pursue.

Joe Dix, Information Technology Consultant, CANDID Solutions, Inc.
Alexandros Labrinidis

3. Ubiquity and Diversity in Computer Science

Computer science permeates all aspects of everyday life. For example, computer chips are in every electronic device imaginable, from toasters to cars and everything in between. Can you imagine a day without electronics?

Computer science has specializations for every taste: from analyzing data and creating user interfaces to inventing new algorithms, producing mathematical proofs, designing computer chips, developing artificial intelligence systems, identifying security and privacy risks, and understanding the ethical implications of computer technology. You are guaranteed to find an area that attracts you.

Finally, computer technology is constantly developing rapidly, creating many exciting challenges and opportunities. You will never be bored!

Alex Labrinidis, Professor of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh

Are Computer Science Jobs in Demand?

Computer science jobs have a high demand in this era, and no matter what, all the vacancies cannot be filled. All companies are trying to go digital and therefore need people to develop websites, have some input on digital marketing, etc. 

App development is also widespread today, with hundreds of apps being built daily. A computer science developer avg salary is around Rs. 28,369 / month, according to Glassdoor. As their experience continues to build up, the price range increases steadily.

Growth of Computer Science Jobs

The computer and information technology field is expected to grow by 13% from 2016-2026 and observed is that by 2026 another 5,57,100 jobs will arise in the sector, according to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Some of the jobs that are the most famous and sought after in the technological sector are:

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Top Computer Science Skills

Some of the top computer science skills that companies and employers look for while hiring developers are as follows:

1. Data structures and algorithms

It is one of the most valuable skills in the sector as it requires programmers to develop their content in such a way that it is organized and logical with the best structural base. It is only possible when the developers have a firm grasp of the concept of structures and algorithms.

2. Database and SQL

Even though SQL is a database introduced in the late 20th century, it is still just as prominent as allowing modern users to access data over separated databases spread over an extensive network simultaneously. They do not have to search in every database, and knowing their way around these things is another beneficial skill.

3. Web development

One of the most sought-after skills in web development wherein it requires developing websites. To do that, some of the most basic fundamental tools are:

  1. HTML
  2. Java Script
  3. API
  4. PHP

Some of the skills mentioned above can prove to be useful not only in web development but in many other areas too. Also, knowing only one of them makes it easier to work on the others just as well. 

4. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is needed by businesses related to storage, digital assets, etc. All their technological work will be incomplete without cloud computing. Some of the languages required to get a grasp on this skill are:

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Ruby
  4. Go

5. Object-oriented programming languages

These are necessary for developers to distribute information over multiple databases and therefore produceṣṣ coding that is much more recyclable and time-saving. Some of the skills required in this sector overlap with the others and are:

  1. Java
  2. C++
  3. Python

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Should you start your career in Computer Science?

Yes, starting your career in the computer engineering industry is quite challenging, but big opportunities are waiting for you. It may seem oversaturated for beginners with a lack of skills, but once you’ve started your journey and learned relevant skills in the CE industry, there are many high-paying job opportunities available.

If you’re serious about making your career in the CE industry and growing up with relevant skills, you should undoubtedly start your career in computer science.

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