11 Free Software Engineering Online Courses For 2023

⏱️ First Published: 12th Jan 2023 | Last Updated: 13th September, 2023

We last updated this article on 13th September 2023 to include four new software engineering courses based on course modules, review, and free accessibility. Also, we’ve added key insights (duration, fees, and certification) section for each course.

Looking to start your career in software engineering or programming?

These 11 free software engineering online courses will help you learn the basics and become job-ready in the next 6 months.

But in today’s competitive world, an engineering degree is not enough for a better career; companies are looking for practical skills and good hands-on programming languages.

That’s why we’ve handpicked some of the top online courses in software engineering to help you become a software engineer after the 12th.

1. Software Engineering by IIT Kharagpur

  • Duration: 12 Weeks long
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Certification: Paid certification

This is one of the most authorized online software development courses provided by IIT Kharagpur. In this online course, students can learn from basic to advanced concepts and learn about software development in-detailed.

If you’re a complete beginner and want to know about software engineering, this course helps you start from life cycle models, requirements specifications, testing, designing, and other things. 

Key Skills covered in this course:

  • Life cycle models
  • Basic software design
  • Analysis and specifications
  • Object-oriented concepts
  • Software testing

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2. Software Engineering: Introduction by the University of British Columbia

  • Duration: 6 Weeks long
  • Course Fees: Free (future dates will be announced)
  • Certification: Paid certification

For those students, who want to learn everything from the basics, try this online course. Students can learn about object-oriented programming in Java and modern software development in this software development fundamentals online course.

This course will teach you about Java programming, software testing, modeling techniques, and other frameworks to become a better software developer. After learning from this course, students can easily design, develop and test different applications. 

Some key Skills of this course:

  • Java Basics
  • Testing and debugging
  • Object-oriented concepts
  • Polymorphism

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3. Software Engineering for Beginners by Bina Nusantara University

  • Duration: 1 Hour 18 Min
  • Course Fees: Free (future dates will be announced)
  • Certification: Paid certification

In this course, students can learn about all the basics of software engineering and cover different topics such as computer science and other topics such as software engineering and system engineering. It’s a one-shot video that teaches you everything about software engineering and its basics.

This course will teach you software models, software testing, game development life cycle, agile software development, metrics, and project management. 

Key Skills of this course:

  • Basics of software engineering
  • Process and agile model
  • Software testing
  • Project management

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4. IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate

  • Duration: 4 Months long
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Certification: Paid certification

If you want to Kickstart your career in software engineering, then this is one of the most advanced and High-level application development courses that help students to learn about HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Django, and other microservices.

Once you’ve completed this certification, you’ll get a professional certificate that you can use and build a strong portfolio. Also, there’s no prior experience in programming and cloud background. This course explains most effectively and easily teaches students effectively.

There are many other important Programming Languages covered in this course, including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Github
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Cloud Native practices
  • DevOps
  • Python programming, and many more.

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5. Software Development Fundamentals by FutureLearn

  • Duration: 12 Weeks long
  • Course Fees: Free trial available
  • Certification: Paid certification

If you’re a student and Planning to make your career in software development, this course will help you with complete details of software development with practical examples.

This course includes many different case studies about giant software companies, including YouTube, Spotify, Uber, etc. This is a very useful course specially designed for making a career in software development.

By the end of this course, you’re clear with your queries and have gained all the knowledge you require to become a software developer. 

Key Skills of this course:

  • Agile 
  • Software Development
  • Cloud computing
  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Programming

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6. Software Courses by Great Learning

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Certification: Available

Great Learning is a one-stop platform for those students who want to learn new skills and make their career in software development.

If you’re a beginner and don’t have any idea, Great Learning provides many different courses in software engineering, including programming languages like C, C++, Turbo C++, Java Programming, Visual Studio, and hundreds of other Programming courses.

There are many essential areas to explore in software development, and that’s why a student needs to join some essential courses and learn about software engineering. Great Learning offers amazing programming courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

Key Skills of this course:

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Turbo C++
  • Visual Studio
  • R programming
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • Javascript

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7. Become a Software Developer

  • Duration: 24 Hours+
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Certification: Paid certification

To become a software developer, it’s essential to learn about programming languages because these skills are a must-have for web development, software development, and database management.

This course will teach the foundations of programming languages and popular technologies like HTML and CSS.

Some key Skills of this course:

  • Programming fundamentals
  • Database
  • Weh development (full-stack & front-end)
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C#
  • Web security

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8. Harvard’s “Intro to Computer Science” on edX

  • Duration: 12 Weeks long
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Certification: Paid certification

Harvard University’s CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science is a 12-week, self-paced course that introduces you to the world of computer science and programming, regardless of your prior experience.

Taught by Professor David J. Malan, Brian Yu, and Doug Lloyd this course covers fundamental topics such as abstraction, algorithms, data structures, and web development using languages like:

  • C
  • Python
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

You’ll learn to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently, with problem sets inspired by real-world domains. Upon completing nine problem sets and a final project, you’ll earn a certificate.

This course provides a solid foundation in programming and computer science principles, catering to both beginners and those looking to refresh their skills. The interactive nature of the course, along with its clear explanations and engaging assignments, fosters a strong grasp of fundamental concepts.

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(This course is recommended by Aviad Faruz, CEO, Know Mastery)

9. IBM’s Introduction to Software Engineering

  • Duration: 14 Hours
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Certification: Paid certification

Introduction to Software Engineering” is a beginner-friendly course that offers essential knowledge for those curious about the software development world. With around 14 hours of flexible self-paced learning, you’ll delve into:

  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Programming basics using Python
  • Software architecture principles
  • Job opportunities and skillsets in software engineering

The course also explores career options within software engineering.

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10. Secure Software: Testing and Acceptance

  • Duration: 1.5 – 3 Hours
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Certification: Available

This is a free online course by Stone River eLearning. It explores best practices for ensuring software quality and security.

Learn about security testing’s role in software acceptance, quality standards, code analysis, QA approaches, change management, and release approval. Discover how to meet industry standards and safeguard against vulnerabilities. Perfect for those seeking insights into secure software practices.

Modules covered in this course:

  • Secure software testing
  • Overview analysing and testing
  • Software fuzzing and vulnerability scanning
  • Secure software acceptance
  • Completion criteria and approval to release software
  • Risk acceptance and software documentation

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11. Introduction to Programming and Computer Science

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Certification: Not available

This programming training material is a free YouTube video course designed by freeCodeCamp.

Here are the modules covered in this course:

ModuleShort Description
IntroductionAn overview of the course and its objectives.
What is Programming?Understanding the fundamental concept of programming.
How do we write Code?Exploring the process of writing code for computers.
How do we get Information from Computers?Learning how computers process and provide information.
What can Computers Do?Exploring the capabilities of computers in various contexts.
What are Variables?Understanding variables and their role in programming.
How do we Manipulate Variables?Learning how to manipulate and work with variables.
What are Conditional Statements?Exploring conditional statements for decision-making in code.
What are Arrays?Understanding arrays as data structures in programming.
What are Loops?Learning about loop structures for repetitive tasks.
What are Errors?Exploring common errors in programming and how to handle them.
How do we Debug Code?Techniques for debugging and troubleshooting code.
What are Functions?Understanding the concept of functions in programming.
How can we Import Functions?Learning how to import and use external functions.
How do we make our own Functions?Creating custom functions for specific tasks.
What are ArrayLists and Dictionaries?Exploring data structures like ArrayLists and Dictionaries.
How can we use Data Structures?Utilizing data structures for efficient data management.
What is Recursion?Understanding the concept of recursion in programming.
What is Pseudocode?Learning about pseudocode as a planning tool for programming.
Choosing the Right Language?Considerations for selecting the appropriate programming language for specific tasks.
Applications of ProgrammingExploring real-world applications and use cases for programming.

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Top career paths after Software Engineering 

After completing the online courses, there are several significant software engineering career paths that one can choose.

Following up on the top 5 career paths software engineers can focus upon.

1. Quality assurance engineer

A quality assurance engineer is responsible for testing and repairing that software. Quality assurance engineers focus on improving the quality of a final product that can function properly.

2. Video game designer

After completing software engineering, an individual can offer video game design as a career. It is one of the booming industries and has significant potential for video game developers and software engineers to make a great career.

3. Application developer

Nowadays, software engineers have become popular with the career option of an application developer. Applications developers work with clients to understand their requirements and develop web applications as per their requirements. Web applications have become an integral part of every type of business, which creates a broad market for application developers to grow their careers to the peak.

4. Full-stack developer

The full-stack developer is another significant career option for software engineers, which involves codes and front-end and back-end software. As the job role sounds complex, the work is also crucial for contemporary businesses, making the career profile quite in demand.

5. Technical Writer 

The technical writer is responsible for creating documentation and literature related to training guides and manuals based on extremely technical topics. Technical writers considered the communication point for the industry professionals to ensure the accuracy of any technical document. There is a huge surge for technical writers across different industries, specifically the tech industry, pharma industry, etc.

Final Takeaways

There are many online software engineering courses available that help you become a successful software developer. You need to focus on learning skills and become an expert in programming languages. There are many free online courses with premium content available that is enough to make you an expert developer.

That’s why we’ve handpicked the top 7 free software engineering online courses that come with practical knowledge and in-demand skills. We hope this article helps you to find some useful software engineering courses.

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