Types Of Data Science Jobs (With Job Responsibilities)

In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, data collection has become an essential task to run algorithms seamlessly. Moreover, data is an ever-increasing entity, and to take care of the vast amounts of data, data science is an essential field of study.

There is a plethora of job opportunities in the field that pay a ton of money. It is one of the most sought-after fields of study in the current market because of the availability of versatile job positions.

In this guide, you will learn about:

What Is Data Science?

Data science is a combination of various fields of study like mathematics and statistics, computer programming, data analytics, AI, and Machine learning, which help provide potential insights into an organization’s data.

Four primary stages of data science are:

  • Collection of both the raw structured and the unstructured data from reliable sources using tons of different ways. It is the first step and is known as data ingestion.
  • Next, a team has to handle the storage of the ingested data. The company requires efficient and secure storage systems. During this phase, the ingested data is stored and processed.
  • A team of data science professionals then analyze the raw data through the various patterns, ranges, and distributions and conclude by reporting the insights they gather.
  • Communication of the data is done finally by creating visualizations, generally created using programming languages like R or Python.

Types Of Data Science Jobs

If you are someone whom data and analytics interest more than anything, data science is a field you will love. The jobs are multifaceted, and you will get to learn and grow a lot in the field. There are a few places where you can get a data science internship.

1. Data Analyst

As a data analyst, the security of your organization’s data will be in your hands. The profile requires regular interpretation of client’s data. Thus, the person should be smart and have excellent data interpretation skills. The job also includes studying past trends and predicting a rough future outcome.

Job responsibilities of a data analyst

The day-to-day job responsibilities of a data analyst include the following:

  • To use primary and secondary sources to extract data.
  • Fix coding errors and remove corrupt data files.
  • They help in the development and maintenance of databases and data systems.
  • They help analyze the raw data to forecast tangible outcomes using statistical tools and computer software.
  • They should collaborate with other programmers, engineers, and management professionals to improve opportunities and modify things efficiently.

Average salary of a data analyst

data analyst salaries

The median salary of a data analyst in the USA is around $72551 per year, according to Glassdoor, while in India, it is approximately INR 4.3 LPA, according to Ambition box.

2. Data Engineer

It is one of the most sought-after types of data science jobs. Data engineers are the creators of the machines that can help in the collection, processing, and transformation of raw data into data that can bring success to an organization. Supplying the required information to the organization for good performance is also something that data engineers do.

Job responsibilities of a data engineer 

There is an array of responsibilities that data engineers have to take up when working with an organization.

  • Creation and maintenance of the data architecture by strategizing a systematic plan.
  • Retrieving relevant data from suitable sources before feeding it into the databases.
  • Researching the pain points of the business and how to overcome them.
  • Creation of models and identification of patterns to generate actionable insights that one can work with.

Average salary of a data engineer

data engineer salaries

The average salary of a data engineer in the USA is around $1,14,770 per year, according to Glassdoor, while they make around INR 8.2 LPA, according to Ambition box.

3. Statistician

The primary duty of a statistician is to collect data required for research purposes. They have an essential role to play in both research and academics. Statisticians help businesses make essential decisions by assessing, organizing, and processing large chunks of data.

They also help produce efficient data collection processes through mathematics and knowledge of programming.

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Job responsibilities of a statistician 

The primary tasks of a statistician include:

  • Communicating with other departments to gather relevant data, including production figures, costs, and sales figures.
  • Creation and maintenance of databases using programs like SPSS and Stata.
  • Ensuring the data is relevant and clean by performing regular error checks, statistical tests, and validations.
  • Preparing forecasts that help to strategize business plans.
  • Presentation of research outcomes through understandable graphs, summaries, and charts.

Average salary of a statistician

statistician salaries us

Statiticians earn a median of $93,628 per year in the USA, according to Glassdoor, and in India, they make roughly INR 4.0 LPA, according to Ambition box.

4. Database Manager

Database manager is one of the most sought-after job profiles in the data science field because it uses both mathematics and computer science in a balanced way. They help collect relevant information and data from the industry and keep the databases in check. Companies also employ database managers to create systems that can store and recover data efficiently.

Job responsibilities of a database manager

These are some of the responsibilities of a database manager.

  • The primary task is to keep the databases healthy by performing regular check-ups and clarifying errors.
  • They make sure that the data has proper protection and is properly stored.
  • They help monitor the performance of the databases.
  • They help create new databases and modify the existing ones.
  • They monitor data entry procedures and troubleshoot the same.

Average salary of a database manager

database manager salaries

An average database manager in the USA makes around $77,327, according to Glassdoor, while the median salary of a database manager in India is around INR 15.0 LPA, according to Ambition box.

5. Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure engineers are the masterminds behind setting up cloud computing modules in a business. They help install, maintain, and debug cloud computing servers. In addition, these people specialize in server virtualization and creating VPNs, otherwise known as Virtual Private networks. For these reasons, an infrastructure engineer is also known as a cloud engineer.

Job responsibilities of an infrastructure engineer 

The daily responsibilities of an infrastructure engineer include the following:

  • Infrastructure engineers help install and maintain operating environments.
  • They also monitor the operating environments.
  • They ensure the safety and security of operating environments.
  • They document all the malfunctions and actions to respond to those bugs.
  • Providing seamless cloud computing support to the organization.

Average salary of an infrastructure engineer

infrastructure engineer salaries

Infrastructure engineers make roughly $1,04,796 per year in the USA, according to Glassdoor, and in India, they make around INR 6.7 LPA, according to Ambition box.

6. Data Architect

A data architect is responsible for creating seamless and secure databases that one can easily access. Like house architects, data architects help generate blueprints for easy creation, management, and analysis of databases. Thus, the creation of databases in an organization is entirely in the hands of a data architect. Consequently, it is one of the most high-paying job profiles in the field of data science and is highly sought-after by many.

Job responsibilities of a data architect 

The responsibilities of a data architect include the following:

  • The primary responsibility of a data architect is to develop databases, data model designs, development standards, management of data warehouses, and various data analytics systems.
  • They help communicate with stakeholders and vendors for the proper functioning of the data system.
  • They help Strategize the execution of big data solutions.
  • They regularly audit various databases’ performance and troubleshoot any bugs that show up over time.
Varsha Saini data analyst

As a data analyst, you would be majorly working around the data and performing tasks including but not limited to Data cleaning, Visualization, Statistic Analysis, and Database management.

You would also be using tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Microsoft Excel while working with Programming Languages like Python, and SQL in your everyday work.

I personally have worked on creating visualization charts to understand the data, creating statistical reports and analyzing the market of different countries for the sales of a product, presenting the report to the client.

Also, extracting data from sites using web scraping, transforming the data into a tabular structure, and saving it into CSV for use in machine learning models.

Varsha Saini, Data Analyst

Average salary of a data architect

data architect salaries us

The industry average pay of data architects in the USA is $1,27,090, according to Glassdoor, while it is around INR 23.5 LPA in India, according to Ambition box.

7. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning engineers help in the induction of Artificial Intelligence into machines to help make seamless forecasts. These engineers need to work with lots of data and scrutinize them properly to streamline the production of machine learning models and algorithms. Therefore, statistical and programming skills are essential for a machine learning engineer.

Job responsibilities of a machine learning engineer 

The job responsibilities of a machine learning engineer include the following:

  • The primary responsibility of a machine learning engineer is to make efficient machine learning models.
  • They carry out efficient research and implementation of Machine learning algorithms and tools.
  • Scrutinizing the data set and filtering out the valuable ones.
  • Verification of data quality and troubleshooting flaws in the machine learning models.

Average salary of a machine learning engineer

machine learning engineer salaries us

A Machine learning engineer earns around $1,36,353 in the USA, according to Glassdoor, and around INR 7.5 LPA in India, according to Ambition box.

8. Principal Data Scientist

It is one of the most esteemed job profiles in the context of the types of data science jobs. The pay scale is exceptional. A principal data scientist is responsible for overseeing the whole data science team of an organization. They require a lot of data study, looking for patterns and relationships that lead to valuable results that bring excellent outcomes for the business.

Job responsibilities of a principal data scientist 

The job responsibilities of a principal data scientist include the following:

  • Study the market trends and strategize accordingly.
  • They help develop new algorithms for mining data.
  • They are responsible for the creation of software application prototypes.
  • Evaluate existing data mining solutions and check if the team can improve those systems.
  • They research topics relating to data science and discuss them with higher authorities for seamless implementation.

Average salary of a principal data scientist

principal data scientist salary in the US

The salary of a principal data scientist is an average of $1,68,127 in the USA, according to Glassdoor, while the salary is INR 19.0 LPA in India, according to Ambition box.

9. Data Warehouse Engineer

A company requires data warehouse engineers to develop ETL processes and database cubes. They also help manage the performance of the databases and design the table structure dimensions. In addition, they help debug errors from the databases and have a crucial role in the data analysis and report building of valuable data within the organization.

Job responsibilities of a data warehouse engineer

The day-to-day duties of a data warehouse engineer include the following:

  • Development of reports using the valuable data processed after evaluation of the data analytics.
  • Create data models and determine how to store and organize the data.
  • Conduct QA testing.
  • Design, develop, and deploy new generation data warehouse infrastructure.
  • Creation of metadata to retrieve data if misplaced or lost.

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The average salary of a data warehouse engineer

data warehouse engineer salaries

The average pay package of a data warehouse engineer in the USA is approximately $1,08,988, according to Glassdoor, and INR 8.56 LPA in India, according to Glassdoor.

10. Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence developers work as a connection between data and people who are seeking the required data. They help deploy BI or business intelligence software, simple navigable tools to simplify research and data interaction.

Job responsibilities of a business intelligence developer 

The daily routine responsibilities of a business intelligence developer are following:

  • Leverage data and point out areas where the organization requires improvement.
  • Study current market trends and find new threats and competitors.
  • They craft and execute queries when people request data.
  • Present data and information through various ways of visualization and reports.
  • They help design, develop, and maintain business intelligence solutions.

Average salary of a business intelligence developer

business intelligence developer salaries in us

A business intelligence developer in the USA makes around $98,488, according to Glassdoor, while in India, they make around INR 4.0, according to Ambition box.

Benefits of A Data Science Career

Data will increase as the world evolves and the internet reaches more remote places worldwide. As a result, companies will require more professionals with skills in maintaining a large volume of data and producing viable outcomes from the data pool. 

  • Data science professionals are intelligent and excellent decision-makers because they are people driven by math, logic, and statistics,
  • They are excellent opportunity hunters because studying global trends is the same as studying what opportunity lies next.
  • The work environment is challenging yet thrilling.
  • Data is the future, and the demand for data science professionals will increase. Thus, the salary packages will also increase tremendously.

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Which Field In Data Science Is Best For You?

It takes a long time to become a master in data science. But, how long do you need to learn it and get a high-paying job? There are many data science jobs, but not every job profile will suit you. Furthermore, even not every job profile will be lucrative to you.

  • You require essential skills such as programming, solving problems efficiently, communicating in a free-flow manner, database management, and data visualization.
  • You should see if you can create and use data visualization tools.
  • See if you can analyze data from multiple sources and produce tangible outcomes.
  • You should be able to deal with bad-quality data.

Final Words

The implementation of AI, ML, and IoT has made data science an excellent industry to work in. According to Grand View Research, as of 2019, the market size of data science platforms was around $3.93 billion, and research suggests the CAGR to be roughly 26.9% from 2020 to 2027, which is a chartbuster on its own. 

Advanced data handling software and tools are contributing significantly to business growth. Thus, as said earlier, the types of data science jobs will grow soon, and only the sky’s the limit.

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