Yan Barros, Data scientist

Yan Barros is a data scientist at Grupo Interjato. In this job role, he deals with topics like machine learning, software development, data architecture, and more.

Yan has experience working in different fields such as Clinical Research and Data Analysis, Education, Projects Consultancy and Marketing.


Work Experience


1. PINN Project to Solve a Specific Navier-Stokes Case (Jun 2023 – Aug 2023)

  • Implemented Physics-Informed Neural Network (PINN) for Navier-Stokes equations.
  • Achieved exceptional results with advanced machine learning techniques.
  • Showcased expertise in computational physics problem-solving.

2. Building Web Application, (Jun 2023 – Jul 2023)

  • Developed a Python web app for celestial body classification.
  • Utilized image recognition algorithms for accurate astros classification.
  • Open-source project fostering collaboration in astrophysics and tech.

3. Exploratory Analysis and Machine Learning with Exoplanet Data

  • Led comprehensive data analysis on exoplanets.
  • Implemented high-precision ML algorithms for exoplanetary culture selection.
  • Demonstrated expertise in complex data domains.

4. Study on PINNs and Application to a Fluid Diffusion Case

  • Introduced PINNs in Portuguese for wider accessibility.
  • Applied PINNs to physics problems, showcasing practicality.
  • Highlighted communication skills and advanced method application.


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