How To Get A Data Science Internship

As per LinkedIn’s Emerging Job report, data science is the fastest-growing career around the globe. This report concludes that over 650% growth has been witnessed in the data science sector since 2012.

Also, this job market will grow to $230.80 billion by 2026. Many platforms can offer internships in this field.

In this article, we guide you on how you can apply for a data science internship.

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What is Data Science? 

Data science is uncovering actionable insights in an organization’s data by combining math, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), specialized programming, and machine learning. The insights drawn by data scientists are used by businesses to do strategic planning and make decisions.

Data scientists are practitioners of this field and require a broader skill set for building an impressive career in data science.

Best Places To Find Data Science Internship Opportunities

Internships in data science can be the best option for starting a career in this field. Data science internships help a fresher to gain experience on short-term projects and then opt for a job in this field. Data science internships can be found on various platforms, but companies’ reliability can be doubted on some platforms. 

Here is the list of platforms or places that are most reliable and offer diverse data science internships to fresher or experienced personnel. 

1. LinkedIn job

linkedin job search for data science

LinkedIn is a top professional network around the globe that helps job seekers and employers match each other. LinkedIn Jobs is the biggest platform offering multiple data science internships worldwide. A fresher can find 2000+ data science internships. 

Most of the companies on LinkedIn are reliable and have real-time opportunities for new data scientists. It is the most trusted internship and job platform for every field. LinkedIn jobs also have more than 100,000 jobs in the data science field that can support you after internships. 

2. Indeed

Indeed is the U.S.-based employment website that has diversified job listings. This platform has internship listings, including the data science field. It has more than 1000 data science internships. All the job seekers here need to update their resumes on this platform.

While for the employers, Indeed offers all tools to help them post jobs and schedule interviews. 

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a platform that offers millions of jobs and internships to job seekers and offers employee and employer reviews. This platform is unique from others on the list because of the personalized salary tools and employee/ employer reviews offered to the users.

Glassdoor has more than 300 internship jobs for data scientists while 2000+ jobs in this field. The companies here are reliable and give a good salary or stipend package.  

4. HelloIntern

HelloIntern is another platform that has quality data science internships listed on its platform. One can find paid, virtual, online, or work-from-home internships on this platform. There are various pay-scaled data science internships listed that job seekers can easily access. HelloIntern also offers training programs in data science for the fresher. 

5. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a job opportunity platform that offers online recruitment convenience to job seekers and job providers. With SimplyHired, finding internship opportunities that are part-time, full-time, or require work-from-home dealings is easier. This platform has 250+ data science internship opportunities, fewer than other platforms listed in this guide. But, it is a reliable platform for the fresher. 

6. is a Chegg service and the world’s largest student-focused internship marketplace. It helps the students and employers to get connected. The paid, remote, and summer data science internships are available on this platform. There are more than 20,000 data science listings on these platforms. Some can be internships, while some can be jobs. The pay scale on this platform is commendable and worthy for the fresher.

7. Internshala

Internshala is a well-known internship platform that has quality data science internships listed on it. Most companies are reliable, but it is recommended to do a background check of each company for its reliability. The data science internships on this platform can be part-time, full-time, and even work-from-home opportunities listed.

The number of data science internships may be lower than the LinkedIn jobs platform, but this platform can be considered for better assistance and support. 

Required Data Science Skills To Get Hired

If I had one piece of advice for beginning data science enthusiasts, it would be to master the fundamentals of programming, probability, and statistics. I suggest picking a single language, such as Python, and learning its foundations well.

Here is what experts are saying on learning data science:

Teddy Petrou

If I had one piece of advice for beginning data science enthusiasts, it would be to master the fundamentals of programming, probability, and statistics. I suggest picking a single language, such as Python, and learning its foundations well.

Do not try to learn multiple programming languages as it will slow your progress. It is far better to be adept at a single language than a beginner at many.

As for probability and statistics, I suggest a close reading of Introduction to Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes by Hossein Pishro-Nik.

Teddy Petrou, Founder of Dunder Data

Lead Data Scientist, SIT Academy

First, figure out your motivation, why you want to work in data science, and what areas and problems interest you. This will help you, later on, to focus on specific domains like healthcare, finance, and so on.

When starting out, follow a T-shaped model where you first focus on picking up a wide breadth of foundational skills, including linear algebra, statistics, basic calculus, data wrangling, visualization, machine learning, and basic engineering skills.

After that, specialize in a few areas of your interest, like natural language processing, deep learning, etc. Always follow a hybrid learning approach and practice what you have learned with real-world examples.

Many such datasets and problems are available on the web nowadays, and one must take full advantage of them.

Dipanjan Sarkar, Lead Data Scientist, SIT Academy (Zurich)

Yan Barros data analysis

Here’s my advice for anyone who wants to start their career in the Data Science field:

1. Analytical Skills: I recommend you start thinking outside the box. We saw a lot of beginners in the data science field searching for those Kaggle challenges. This could help you understand how things work but are not useful for improving your analytical skills.

Search for practical challenges that correlate with your preferential field. For example, I started studying Data Science to solve some climatical prediction problems.

2. You must breathe Python, Statistics, SQL (and sometimes Excel). In my first job, I’m developing everything with Python, Excel, and SQL, but statistics are important too.

3. You have to love to learn and discover new things. As we work in the Technology field practically, learning something new every day is essential. Things are always changing in this field, and we must improve ourselves all day.

4. It Is about being determined and a lot of self-taught. Keeping your goals and motivations in mind could be important cause we have to spend some time studying or thinking about solutions after work.

Other information, like Power BI and visualization tools, like Tableau, could be great.

My final thought on getting an internship or a job:

Use LinkedIn to connect with others who work in the data science field. 

Don’t be afraid of sending too many emails to businesses or experts in the niche for help. I sent many emails to teachers, connected with different people in LinkedIn groups, and applied for some job processes.

I received many replies, which helped me grow and learn different things from others.

Yan Barros, Data Mining Operator at Inovall Tecnologia

Data science internships cannot be bagged in without having quality skills. One needs to possess certain skills when choosing the data scientist internship. Here are the required skills that increase your chance of getting selected as a data scientist intern: 

1. Mathematics

Mathematics is the primary skill that a data scientist should possess. It includes a strong knowledge of both math and statistics. In addition, the knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, statistical tests, distributors, and likelihood estimators is also required. 

2. Analytics and Modeling

Data Scientists should possess the skills of Analytics and modelling required for better communication and critical thinking. The analytics and modelling skills include practical knowledge of data analysis, creating models, and running tests. This helps to predict outcomes and gather new insights. 

3. Programming

Programming is an essential skill that one has to possess to be a data scientist. The knowledge of Python, R, and other programming languages should be possessed by personnel. This skill includes the practical knowledge of basic syntax & functions, flow control statements, object-oriented programming, and flow control statements. 

4. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a skill that a data scientist should possess for better job opportunities. However, it is not always necessary. The knowledge of machine learning includes decision trees, logistic regression, and other key elements of machine learning. 

5. Data Visualization

Data Visualization is an essential skill for a digital scientist. This skill helps you to communicate the messaging and buy proposed solutions effectively. A data scientist must know how to break complex data into small pieces. It is also necessary to possess the skills of using a variety of visual aids like graphs or charts. 

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How To Prepare Yourself Ready For Data Internship roles?

Possessing the knowledge and practical application of data scientists’ skills is not enough. One needs to have a good start for bagging a good internship in this field.

Here is how one can prepare for data scientist internship roles:

1. Update your LinkedIn profile

The foremost thing that you should undertake before applying for the internship role is to update your Linkedin profile. Updating the internship profile is necessary, irrespective of the platform for applying for internship roles. You need to update the skills you possess for being a data scientist.

Mention the work experience as well, if you have. A LinkedIn profile can help the company verify your identity and skills. 

2. Create a project

Create a digital project and portfolio which can showcase your skills and knowledge about data science. In this portfolio, you have to mention one or more projects where you must collect the data independently. So, prepare a project first by selecting a topic and collecting data on it. Then, prepare a portfolio that will indicate your experience on paper. 

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3. Create a presentable resume and CV

Grabbing a data science internship is difficult if you haven’t prepared a resume or CV. Create a presentable resume and CV which has all details about your education, skills, and work experience that you possess. It is better to emphasize the skills and work experience section more. 

4. Prepare for interview questions

No internship can be achieved without facing or passing the interview rounds. Preparing yourself for all the interview questions that may get asked during the interview process is essential. Use the internet to find the interview questions and get in touch with data scientists to get better tips for performing better in the interview question.

In addition, make sure you know everything in your CV and about each data science field topic. 

5. Create a GitHub Profile

Many recruiters look into your GitHub profile to better evaluate your knowledge and skills in the field. It is better to create a GitHub profile and mention all the skills, and upload a resume in this profile. This will give you reach as recruiters worldwide can look at your resume. 

6. Networking with like-minded people

Try to do networking with like-minded people. Like-minded people here are the people who are already data scientists and working in this field. You may use social media networks like LinkedIn to connect with people who are already data scientists and working in renowned companies. With a strong data science network, the chances of getting internships increase. 

7. Get help from college professors

You can also take the help of college professors because they have a pre-built connection that may help you to get internships. With the help of college professors, it becomes easier to grab internships in a better company. So, contact your professors who helped you in learning data science.

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How To Get A Data Science Internship With No Experience? 

Grabbing a data science internship when you are a fresher can be challenging. But, you can get a data science internship even if you have no experience. Follow these steps if you want to be a data scientist and grab an internship easily: 

Step 1.  Start your data scientist career by grabbing an undergraduate degree in computer science, data science, or statistics. 

Step 2. Learn and sharpen the skills required for being a data scientist. 

Step 3. It will be beneficial if you focus on building Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Database Management skills. 

Step 4. Create a project and find your data.

Step 5 – Apply for internships on various platforms. Choose the companies that are looking for freshers in this field. This will provide you with an experience in this field. 

Step 6.  It is better to pursue a Master’s degree in this field to achieve better data science jobs in the future.

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